30/05/2018 Opinion

SOON new LANA photo sercvice

Latin America News Agency expands its photographic network throughout Latin America and advances in importante expansion of the photographic service.

LANA Agency added an important link in its strategy to expand its photographic network. Starting this year, and thanks to the signing of agreements with various photographic agencies in the region, LANA customers will have access to a wide range of images from all over Latin America in English and adding the Spanish language.


Since the beginning of 2017 has an international photographic offer with a totally new qualitative tonic. Instead of offering materials in cooperation with only one partner, LANA will work, with a vision of the future, in a network with many agencies in the world and mostly in Latin America.


Along with its international offer, LANA´s central photo service will also be available in Spanish.


LANA´s Staff